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pix Founded in 2005,
„Sánchez & Lehmann“ is synonymous with the fusion of structure and intuition. Both are important aspects of our Upside Strategy advisory and operational implementation activity.

On a case by case b
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asis we entrepreneurially invest together with our clients, accept board membership positions or take responsibility for project results.

We work exclusively with senior executives - relevant and solid experience in the required field is a must.

Absolute confidentiality and discretion.


Complex, seemingly unsolvable business situations are our priority challenges.

Our Upside Strategy seeks value increase through intelligent, creative and practical solutions, e.g. in relation to
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A),
operational restructuring and

Successfully implemented targets, e.g.:
"sales growth in the target market to 300% in two years",
"company value increase by 2x prior to sale in 12 months", "away from being marginal player, become the market leader" and "most efficient, flexible and lowest CAPEX requiring production line in Europe".



Dr. Luis Weickgenannt (CEO)

Business experience: 20 years as entrepreneur, director and strategy consultant.

Academic background:


  • OPM Harvard Business School (USA)
  • Exec. MBA IE Business School (Spain)
  • Dr. rer. pol. European Business School (Germany)
  • Master in Business. Univ. Augsburg (Germany)
  • Certification in Corporate Governance (IC-A)
  • Publications on M&A, strategy, FDI, leadership


A Partner of_EURmetal_ - _Your Partner in Metal Investments_-_ a Strategic Alliance between Sánchez & Lehmann and Cometal (www.cometalsa.com)._To download presentation click here:EURmetal Presentation

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